Power Supply Unit

Memory by Platform

Professional Series Gold


Corsair Professional Series™ Gold power supply units set a new standard for performance, quality, reliability, and energy-efficiency in consumer PSUs. 80 PLUS® Gold certification guarantees more than 90% efficiency at typical loads, while unflinching voltage stability, low-noise levels, an...

Memory by Product Family

Professional Series


Corsair Professional Series™ modular power supply units are designed for gaming rigs, overclocking systems, or any PC where rock-solid stability is essential. Professional Series PSUs have earned 80 PLUS® Silver and Bronze certifications to guarantee cool, efficient operation. Modular...

Vengeance Gaming

Enthusiast Series


Corsair Enthusiast Series™ power supply units are designed for hardcore PC gamers, performance enthusiasts, and anybody who appreciates a combination of high performance standards and affordability. Enthusiast Series PSUs are 80 PLUS® Bronze certifed, and are available in both modular and ...

Power Supply Units

Gaming Series


Gaming Series™ power supply units are the ideal price-performance solutions for gamers who want stylish, high-performance PSUs for their next PC builds or upgrades. With more than 80% energy efficiency, rock-solid voltages and switchable internal LED lighting, Corsair Gaming Series PSUs look a...

Power Supply Units

Builder Series


Builder Series™ power supply units are an excellent choice for basic system builds and desktop PC computer upgrades. Builder Series PSUs are available in a variety of power configurations, and include features that are normally found only on premium power supplies.